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There was a time, long, long ago,
when people killed the Great God of the Forest.

Human face. Body of a wild beast.
Horns atop his head like the trunks of a massive trees.
For what reasons did the humans take his life?

The human population was large.
Much of the primeval forest had been cut.
Here and there, bits and pieces of the forest remained,
defying the humans' attempt to penetrate it

These wooded refuges were protected by giant and godlike beasts,
animals of the forest, wild boars and wolves,
who would give their very lives to preserve the ancient forest.
They were the raging gods of the forest who attacked the humans
who invaded their sanctuary.

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8/28/01....Finally back up again after Tripod mysteriously deleted my page. So, no more free hosting crap >_<, I decided to spend some money and pay for a host. Hopefully this place won't be too popular and exceed the bandwidth. I also plan to re-design the site; or is that actually use a design?
Anyway, that's when I'll add more stuff to the galleries. Plus create galleries for:

Serial Experiments Lain
Oh! My Goddess!
Vampire Princess Miyu
Angel Sanctuary

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